The Bank’s server withstood the attack.

Over the last two days on “Sberbank” was held at least six serious hacker attacks, said the Chairman of Board of Bank Stanislav Kuznetsov. The most powerful hacker attack was conducted with more than 100 servers located in six countries. In the “savings Bank” believe that the attack was carried out at the highest professional level.

According to Kuznetsov, the attack most likely are foreign hackers. This indicates the nature of the attacks, in particular hacking attempts from six countries. Protection system “savings Bank” has successfully coped with the most powerful hacker attacks. In “Sberbank” stressed that the attack had no impact on the Bank’s resources and, especially, on the personal data of the customers.

However, despite this, “Sberbank” gave all the necessary information about the hacker attacks to the state authorities for verification. In addition, estimates of Sberbank, hackers actively researched protection. It is possible that it was necessary to plan the next attacks.

Kuznetsov said that if such heavy-duty attack was carried out on the server less protected companies, “the consequences would be significant.” The systems of protection of “Sberbank” has enough resources in order to successfully repel the attack.

Source: TASS.


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