Useful manual for clients of Sberbank.

One of the most frequent operations in “Sberbank” — opening a Bank account to receive wages. Officially, this service is provided by the Bank absolutely free of charge, however, there are nuances, because of which the invoice, “there is a lot of money”. What can go wrong when making an account and how to avoid problems described in this article.

What problem may occur?

Sberbank positioning service open an account as free without even having to pay for its maintenance. For ease of use account customers often bought Bank card, which costs only 300 rubles. For new customers of “Sberbank” offers the option of free Bank card servicing for a year. As a result, the client chooses the maximum spending only 300 rubles.

But at the stage of opening an account and processing a credit card not everything can go smoothly. Employees of “Sberbank” clients are trying to impose paid services, the fee for which is no less than 3,500 rubles.

Of course, when a client opens a Bank account, there is no money — the balance goes negative. However, as soon as the money arrives, it is referred to in contracts of amounts on various deals of the Bank are activated and the money still will be charged. With possible partial write-off. For example, if the account will appear only 300 rubles, they will be instantly written off and the customer remains debt 3 200 rubles.

One of the clients of Sberbank, which complained on the Internet for such cheating 3 500 rubles, said repeatedly said the Bank’s employees about the absence of paid services. Staff confirmed that there are no “surprise” withdrawals from the account will not. But, as you know, new client, “Sberbank” has discovered in his account debited in the amount of 3 500 rubles for additional paid services, as soon as the bill came first money.

It is important to understand that Bank staff can talk about free services but actually they will be paid.

How to open a Bank account?

First and foremost, you need to insist that the Bank employee opened you is free account. The employees of the Bank his office is trying by all means to offer paid accounts with additional services. To agree on the design of such an account is not necessary, in whatever way you are not trying to persuade.

If an employee is caught “stubborn”, it is necessary to call a senior Manager or Director of the Department to clarify that you need a free account. Caught in a similar situation, customers are advised to act with a clear head and the ability to show, for example, on a smartphone, the official website of “Sberbank”, which indicates that the account can actually be free.

If you understand that to get a good service from a specific employee just will not work, you should “try their luck” at another employee in the same Department. Another option is to appeal to another branch — in the user reviews is also recognized as a solution to the problem.

I still have imposed paid services — what to do?

In this case, it is required to apply for a refund. His review takes two weeks, after which Sberbank is obliged to return the money.


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