“Sberbank” powerfully celebrates its birthday.

November 12, Sberbank celebrates its 177th birthday. In honor of the “Sberbank” has decided to give its customers many really attractive stock. On 11 and 12 November for new and existing clients of the Bank will be able to get the opportunity to make a contribution with superstable to take money on credit with special conditions, and even to lower the rate on the mortgage.

In honor of his 177 day of birth “Sberbank” has offered all customers a variety of profitable stocks, United under the common name “Green day”. First, the Bank opened a new Deposit with superstable — 7.5% per annum. To make this contribution happens only on 11 and 12 November and visitors are advised not to linger.

Even more profitable to invest money with new investment bonds of “Sberbank”. The Bank reported that the potential yield of the bond is of 11.77% per annum. To purchase bonds you can in a mobile application “Sberbank Investor”.

In the framework of the action “the savings Bank” will issue loans via the Internet from at the rate of 11.77% per annum. The percentage of decently reduced compared to normal, but to use the offer, it will be possible again only on 11 and 12 November.

Also “Sberbank” offers its customers the opportunity to order a business card with high cashback of 17.7%. This can be done on a special page of the campaign “Green day,” entering through “Sberbank”.

One of the proposals of “Sberbank” is drawing reduced mortgage rates. Bank reduces mortgage rate by 1.77% for each 177th application, which was decorated through the portal Domclick.ru. Of course, the reduced rate will be only those who’re lucky, but the benefit for these lucky ones will be huge.

In addition, “Sberbank” offers a variety of exclusive discounts at popular stores and on the marketplace “Take” from “Yandex”. Full list of available discounts presented on the official page of the campaign.

Source: Sberbank.


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