New useful option from Sberbank!

Sberbank announced about the simplification of procedures for obtaining consumer credit for all customers. 27 December 2018, Sberbank has provided the opportunity for individuals to submit complete applications for consumer loans via Sberbank Online. A feature of the new system of Sberbank is that if the loan is approved for a customer, he will receive the money directly on your card. Therefore, visit the office of the Bank to get money loan now do not need. About Sberbank announced on its official website.

Since 27 December, users of the service “Sberbank Online” the opportunity to apply and direct consumer credit. Apply through the app “Sberbank Online” is possible at any convenient time without the need to visit the Bank.

Moreover, due to innovation savings for Sberbank customers don’t even have to go to the office of the Bank in order to get the money approved on the loan. If the loan was approved, then the money is immediately credited to the customer’s Bank card, of course, after his consent.

Sberbank said that the innovation will be especially helpful in the upcoming festive period. Bank branches will operate on a reduced schedule due where to get loans in them will be problematic. “Sberbank Online” is working around the clock and seven days a week.

A new service has become available so far only in the Android application “Sberbank Online”. The function will appear on the iPhone for several months, said representatives of the Bank.

Source: Sberbank.


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