On Android, this feature will only appear before the end of the year.

Sberbank announced a big update to the official application Sberbank Online for the iPhone. The developers have added in-app option to send money “Cards” using any photos and videos directly from the smartphone gallery. Before to send the accompanying “money transfer Card”, you could only create from the available templates.

Personal sending money

Clients of Sberbank, which often send money to friends and family via the application “Sberbank Online”, the opportunity to make money transfer more personal. From October 23 in the application “Sberbank Online” you can create a “Postcard” from their own photos or videos directly from the smartphone gallery. This “Card” will be accompanied by a remittance and will be a destination on his smartphone.

In the “savings Bank” are assured that the innovation will allow to make remittances more emotional. Customers can write down their wishes or case the people they send money.

October 23 a new feature of the application “Sberbank Online” has appeared only the owners of iPhone. For users of Android-smartphone it will be introduced before the end of 2018. Download the official app of “Sberbank” for iPhone on the following link.

Source: Sberbank.


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