New mobile operator!

On 26 September the savings Bank has launched its own mobile virtual operator called “Bermoral”. A new operator based on Tele2 mobile network and also supported by a unique technology of seamless communication environment posed by the savings Bank. Key features of “Spermophile” are lowest price and option return part of the money spent on the bonus card “Thank you.” At the time of launch “Bermoral” earned only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but in the future it is expected the appearance of the operator and other regions of Russia.

“Bermoral” is offering new subscribers to collect the fare with a special constructor. The cheapest tariff includes 150 minutes of calls to all numbers in Russia, 50 SMS and 3 GB of mobile traffic for 200 rubles per month. At this rate of 1% of the money spent refunded as cashback on the card “Thank you.”

The most expensive rate, which can be assembled using the designer, provides 1500 minutes of calls, 50 text messages, 30 GB of Internet and a totally free traffic instant messengers, social networking, music streaming services and the services for watching video. The fee for this tariff is equal to 1,150 rubles a month. While 30% of the amount refunded to the subscribers to the bonus card “Thank you.”

It is important to note that the above prices are relevant for Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the relationship is much more expensive than in the regions. It is expected that when the “Bermoral” will appear in other regions, the monthly fee tariffs will be reduced even more.

To order a SIM card “Spermophile” on the official website of the new operator.

Source: Carmobile.


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