Sberbank and Mastercard announced that they were the first in Russia has launched a solution for contactless payment in a single touch to the smartphone.

The mobile application “Sberbank TapOnPhone” will allow merchants to accept credit card payments and NFC-enabled devices with one touch to the smartphone.

The first decision will test the sales points ‘ employees in the office of Sberbank Agile Home in Moscow. The app “Sberbank TapOnPhone” created for small and medium business services, such as taxis, cafes, restaurants, courier, and so on. The technology works with any smartphone based on Android 6.0 or above with NFC support.

To activate the service, an entrepreneur needs to enter into a acquiring contract with Sberbank and install on your device mobile app “Sberbank TapOnPhone”.

To pay the seller opens app “Sberbank TapOnPhone” and enters the purchase amount on the phone screen. The buyer then pays for the product or service in a single touch contactless Mastercard or other NFC devices that support the services Apple Pay, Google Pay or Pay Samsung, smartphone, smart watch or bracelet, “POS mobile”.

At purchase for the sum over 1000 roubles when paying with a credit card the holder may be requested a digital signature. The app allows you to send a check to e-mail the buyer and get the money back upon cancellation of the purchase.

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