If a virus steals money, the Bank will return them.

Sberbank announced the launch of a new service-insurance of Bank cards from a variety of cyber attacks. The Bank offers its customers protection from cyber incidents such as contamination of smartphone malicious applications or write-off of money from mobile devices unauthorized contactless payments.

How to protect the card “savings Bank” from hackers

A new service of insurance of Bank cards involves the installation of the mobile client protective antivirus application “Kaspersky Lab”. The app is in the background to protect you from cyber attacks, which have recently performed more often.

In addition, the new service of “Sberbank” means insurance Bank cards from theft of funds, unauthorized withdrawal of cash, as well as damage and demagnetization. Moreover, “Sberbank” offers reimbursement for insurance even if a customer was robbed at the ATM when withdrawing money.

New unusual insurance “savings” is included in the service package “Protection card +”. The monthly fee for this service is 1290 rubles per year. The maximum amount of insurance that Sberbank may reimburse the customer, equal to 350 thousand rubles.

Source: Sberbank.


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