New action from “Sberbank”.

“Sberbank” has launched a new best action for their customers. The Bank has suggested making gold debit card with the option of return of 5% of purchase cost as a bonus “Thank you” with special conditions. Maintenance fees gold card will have only 50% of the required amount.

Gold card “savings Bank” is recognized as one of the best provided by the Bank. A key feature of map is that from to 5% of purchase cost refunded as cashback. The card holders will return their money as a bonus “Thank you” from the “savings” that can be spent on other purchases.

Thus it turns out that customers get cashback without even thinking. As a result, just a month gold card can bring an impressive amount that can be spent on desired purchases.

Until 31 December 2018 to issue a gold card can be special conditions. Anyone who will draw the map in the validity of the shares of “Sberbank” will allow you to pay for the year service card 50% less — 1 500 rubles. The usual maintenance cost of the card is 3 000 rubles.

Source: Sberbank.


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