New holiday offer from Sberbank.

Sberbank announced the launch of a new promotion under which customers of the Bank will be much more profitable to issue credit cards. All new credit card holders will be charged an increased number of bonus “Thank you”. Until may 31, 2019, all cardholders of Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Momentum will be able to receive higher bonuses, in payment of all entertainment services, as well as bills in restaurants and cafes. In addition, the service card will be free, at least during the year.

Take advantage of our new “savings” will all those who will issue the credit card Visa Classic, Visa Gold or Visa Momentum until 31 January 2019. First and foremost, for all those clients, Sberbank will offer the free maintenance period of the card. If you have a pre-approved offer of credit, the card service will be completely free. Those who do not have pre-approved loan is free will be the first year of service.

For all who will issue the credit card until January 31, 2019 Sberbank will increase the rate of bonuses received “Thank you”. The Bank will accrue in the form of bonus “Thank you” 10% of all the money that was spent on services from the category “Leisure and entertainment”, as well as to pay the bills in cafes and restaurants. The action will last till may 31, 2019.

Representatives of “Sberbank” stressed that the new offer is really attractive for those who planned to use the credit card in the coming festive period.

Source: Sberbank.


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