Official data from the main Bank of the country.

The specialists of “savings” calculated how much the Russians have to spend for payment of utilities. When calculating the Bank’s experts took into account their own statistics and official data of Rosstat.

According to an official statement from Sberbank for the first nine months of 2018 the average fee for housing and communal services in Russia amounted to RUR 5 038. For payment of housing and communal services of the Russian families spend an average of 11.4% of the total budget.

Most of the family budget to pay residents of the Republic of Tuva is 24.5%. In second place Kamchatka Krai — 16,3%. Less of the total budget for utility services given to North Ossetia — only 6%. Muscovites pay for housing and communal services of 13.9% of the family budget, and the residents of St. Petersburg to 10.7%, calculated in the “savings Bank”.

Also in the “savings Bank” noted that 80% of payments for utility services are made in the form of cash. In this age Russians prefer to connect the service “Autopayment” and people younger than 50 years just to pay utilities through the service of the Bank.

Source: Sberbank.


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