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Sberbank intends to abolish the Commission for money transfers within the Bank, said the head of the organization German Gref. Work on the abolition of the Commission is underway, but the specific deadline for the complete abolition Gref did not name, as it is a long process.

Gref said that now the savings Bank has cancelled the Commission for transfers for certain categories of customers. The Commission is not levied on transfers of payroll clients of the Bank and employers. “For them we all commissions completely abolished” — said Gref.

In the foreseeable future, the fee for internal transfers in the savings Bank disappears and the other clients. In particular, commissions will no longer be subject to the normal Bank cards holders and depositors.

According to Gref, the savings Bank adopted the decision on gradual decrease of the commissions to plan their complete abolition in early 2018. In the past year the Bank has conducted work for the abolition of the commissions for transfers are continuing at present.

On 15 January, the Central Bank and the Federal Antimonopoly service has recognized invalid a fee for transfers between individuals. The Ministry has developed amendments that will require all banks to start using the system of quick payments. However, in the system of quick payments regulator provide for a uniform transfer fee to three rubles per transaction.

Source: TASS.


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