An unexpected gift from the Bank.

Sberbank has pleased its customers a new year present. 30 December 2018, the Bank has changed the conditions for the most popular contribution “Without a passport”, making it even more profitable. Until January 31, 2019, customers will be able to make the contribution “Without a passport” with the increased rate.

The new contribution of the savings Bank

Starting from 30 December 2018, the savings Bank offers both existing and new customers the ability to use the contribution “Without a passport” on the most favorable terms. Sberbank increased the maximum contribution rate to 7.4%, which is a record indicator for the line contribution of the state Bank.

The rate was increased by the contribution for a period of 5 months. Before the rate was 6.5%, now it is equal to 7.4%. Thus, the increase was significant — from 0.9%. The rate on the Deposit money for 12 months remains the same — it is 7%.

Best offer of the savings Bank will be active until 31 January 2019. As already known, since February 1, 2019 contribution “Without a passport” will be abolished. It is expected that his place will be another contribution, which will be available for use to all customers. However, what the rate will be the new contribution is currently unknown.

Source: Sberbank.


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