To purchase the tickets for a bonus “Thank you”.

Sberbank announced the launch of the first network, the VR-cinema in Russia. The Bank’s customers will be able to get tickets in an unusual cinema with interactive movies in virtual reality for the bonus “Thank you”. Purchasing tickets for sessions in the VR cinema will be possible for rubles.

ImpulseVR — VR-cinema from “savings”

Russia’s first network of VR cinema ImpulseVR to be opened by the operator of the program “Thank you from Sberbank” and the Studio of virtual reality Impulse Machine. The first cinemas will open in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but in the most nearest plans of the “savings Bank” means the opening of the VR cinema and other cities of Russia.

According to representatives of the program “Thank you from Sberbank”, the first VR cinema will open before the end of 2018. At the beginning of 2019 cinemas ImpulseVR will be more that will make them accessible to people from various cities.

The first VR cinema ImpulseVR opened in Moscow in the modern art Center MARS. “Sberbank” carries on negotiations with a network “Mega” on the placement of the VR cinema in its shopping malls. If the talks are successful, then the future of virtual reality theaters will be opened in shopping centres “Mega” in Russia.

Clients of Sberbank will be able to attend sessions in VR theaters ImpulseVR for free, while spending only a bonus “Thank you”. How much will the ticket to VR cinema is currently unknown.

The first interactive VR film will impress the audience. As stated in the “savings Bank”, the plot of the film will depend entirely on decisions made by the viewer himself. It is not excluded that VR movies will be one of the most original entertainment in 2019.

Source: TASS.


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