Useful tips from “Sberbank”.

According to official statistics, in 2017 with Bank cards of Russians was stolen almost a billion rubles. Preliminary figures for 2018 show that the situation has not changed for the better. Furthermore, fraudsters have become more active. Sberbank decided to make a new attempt to teach their clients ways to protect your savings and launched for this special test.

“Sberbank” has launched on its official website a short quizthat allows customers to test their knowledge on protection of own money. The test consists of 10 simple questions, and its passage takes a couple of minutes. Despite the fact that the questions are quite simple, many customers are unable to cope with some of them.

Especially for those who do not know the particulars of protecting the money in their Bank accounts, Sberbank has created a training database with various tips. The database is available to all users immediately after passing the test. Collected “savings” information helps to understand the subtleties of the protection of savings.

Earlier it became known about the appearance of a new fraud with Sberbank and mobile operators.

Source: Sberbank.


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