Last chance to take advantage of the offer.

In the fall of 2018, Sberbank introduced new consumer Deposit “Without a passport”, which became the most profitable customers from the state Bank. At the end of last year the savings Bank has improved the terms of Deposit, making it even more attractive. However, the contribution will be available to customers for only two weeks, and then officially closes.

That the contribution “Without a passport” from Sberbank is temporary, it was known from the very first day of its launch. Recently the savings Bank has reminded that to customers through its official website where there was a message about the imminent closure of the Deposit.

Contribution “Without a passport” will be relevant until 31 January 2019. After that, Sberbank will close the possibility of using the contribution for all clients, including “wage”. It is expected that after the closing of the contribution “Without a passport” in the savings Bank will be a new contribution. However, what the rate will be the new contribution is currently unknown.

On the contribution “Without a passport” both existing and new clients of Sberbank have the option to invest at a rate to 7.4%. If you invest for one year, the rate would be 7%. If five months, the maximum of 7.4%. The minimum Deposit amount is 50 000 rubles, the maximum is not limited.

All details about the Deposit, and use the income calculator available on the official website of Sberbank.

Source: Sberbank.


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