This will be the second increase in the last six months.

Sberbank intends the second time in the last six months to raise rates on mortgage loans. According to a source in the Bank edition of “RIA Novosti”, the increase in mortgage rates will occur from January 14, 2019. The increase will occur on average 1-,1,5 percentage points. A similar increase is planned to do and VTB.

Last time Sberbank increased mortgage rates in October 2018. Then, rate increases have been relatively small at 0.4 percentage points. January 14 savings Bank customers will have another one, but much more significant increase in mortgage interest rates.

According to the source in Bank, the growth rate will be 1-,1,5 percentage points, which is considerably higher than the previous increase. From 14 January, with the purchase of finished housing rates for payroll clients of Sberbank will amount to 11% — with an initial contribution of 20% and 11.2% when payment is less than 20%. Rates for the purchase of housing under construction will be 10.5% and 10.7%, respectively.

For those who don’t is “payroll” clients of Sberbank will be offered higher rates. In the case of ready housing rates will amount to 11.3% with a contribution of 20% and 11.5% when payment is less than 20% of the cost of housing. Housing under construction rate is changed to 10.8 and 11%, respectively.

Representatives of Sberbank, commented on the imminent increase in mortgage interest rates, stating that the Bank reports any changes only from their time of entry into force.

Source: RIA Novosti.


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