Be careful!

App Store is renowned for its safety — the employees of Apple do not allow him viruses and various phishing application. However, despite all the efforts of the company, from time to time, scammers still find ways to bypass the scrutiny of Apple. The newest of such methods is striking for its originality, but most importantly — the potential harm for users of the iPhone and iPad.

Over the last week the App Store was found three apps that use the new way of cheating iPhone and iPad users. All malware applications operate on the same principle — deceptive ways of forcing victims to perform expensive internal purchase.

One such application called Tracker promises users personal tips that will help rapidly lose weight. Application developers claim that thanks to the revolutionary method they will have to give a set of recommendations that allows you to throw extra pounds with ease.

For the application of the methodology Tracker app asks the user to perform a “body scan” which is done by placing a finger to the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. If the user gets the hook of swindlers, as soon as he puts a finger to Touch ID, it immediately confirms in-app purchase with the result that his account is debited $149.

The Tracker managed to fool at least a few dozen iPhone and iPad users. This suggests that not all owners of Apple mobile devices are familiar with the principle of the mechanism of confirmation of in-app purchases in the App Store. But what is most remarkable, the malware still has not been removed from the App Store.

In addition to the Tracker, the App Store discovered two more similar applications. The first promises a heart rate measurement via Touch ID, and the second to forecast the future based on the horoscope. In both cases, the victims were written off at $99 as soon as they touched the Touch ID and confirmed the action inside the app. Note that both of these applications have been removed from the App Store.


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