Scammers from Russia started to use a new way to steal money from Bank cards. The principle of the method is not new, but the implementation was so effective that security experts recommend that cardholders be careful.

A new method of deception is designed for users who are familiar with the upcoming changes in the system of protection of cardholders. From 26 September 2018 the Russian banks will be able to block the card in case if they noticed suspicious activity. The measure is designed to protect the Russians with the loss of cards.

It is this change that has not yet entered into force, fraudsters use. They send out mass message to the victims that their Bank cards were blocked by the new rule because of suspicious transactions. To unlock cards, the fraudsters require the confirmation of the last operation. In most cases, an SMS alert is followed by a call, allegedly from an employee of the Bank, which asks the victim to call the CVV. If the user has not shown sufficient vigilance and called CVV code, the criminal gets access to his Bank card.

Note that the new protective measure of banks, which will come into effect from September 26, will not require cardholders to call the CVV.

Source: aif.


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