Chief researcher of the Institute of Terrestrial magnetism RAS NSN said that earlier than through five-six years to fear sun activity is not necessary.

Solar storm in 2019 will lead to catastrophic consequences for the electrical infrastructure of the Earth. This forecast was given by experts of the Danish Saxo Bank Group. They note that losses will be at least two trillion dollars, which is 20% less than the assumed adverse scenario, designed in 2013. On the organization’s website it is noted that the forecast results are not official, but investors shouldn’t underestimate them.

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Chief researcher of the Institute of Terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radio wave propagation of RAS Boris Filippov in the air NSN refuted the forecast of analysts. According to him, the change of the solar cycle awaits humanity is not earlier than a few years, and the data on the current series suggests decline in solar activity.

“Actually, now solar activity is reduced, and next year it will probably be less than this year. What is meant by solar activity is solar flares, coronal emissions, any impact on the electromagnetic environment in the vicinity of the Earth. Therefore, it will not. The next cycle will start only a few years, it will gradually rise. And he expected about the same as the current one. And the solar cycles last 11 years, so no such passions should not be”, — said the scientist.

Peaks in solar activity can actually cause failures in the electronics, said Filippov. However, in the coming year, such fears were groundless.

“During peak activity, which is expected in five years or six large flares can cause problems with electronics. But not directly, perturbing the near-earth electromagnetic environment, causing geomagnetic storms. But mostly they affect space electronics. And since now the communication is associated with the satellites, it can actually be. Sometimes that works even on such a long ground wire, as electricity, pipelines, communications wire. But next year there is nothing to fear,” he reassured NSN source.

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In addition to the global losses due to solar storms, experts Saxo Bank Group predicts the purchase of Tesla by Apple, the economic downturn in Germany, the introduction of a single transport tax, the decline of the British pound to the American dollar, ending the measurement of GDP the world Bank and the International monetary Fund and a number of other unlikely events that can have an impact on the world economy.

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