Ultra-fast charging is possible through the phenomenon of quantum mechanics.

Researchers from Australia’s University of Adelaide has created unique technology that allows to charge the iPhone instantly. The revolutionary design provides for installation in the iPhone special quantum battery with the ability to fully replenish the charge in less than a second. Scientists say that at the moment Supernature possible to install exclusively in the iPhone.

Create superbattery for smartphones has become possible due to quantum entanglement — one of the phenomena of quantum mechanics. Quantum entanglement involves the unification of all physical properties of two objects when linked. And the Association is immediate, which allows quantum battery to replenish its charge instantly when connected to the charger.

During the research, scientists tested the quantum battery for iPhone, iPad and other devices. Only iPhone among all smartphone got the opportunity to work with superbacteria.

The University of Adelaide is establishing the quantum batteries for consumer devices purposefully and not through the temporary student project. The aim of scientists is creating a public quantum batteries for use in various devices.

Source: ABC.


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