According to a study published by The Pudding, if into the pocket of your pants can get a iPhone X most likely, you are not a woman.

Scientists carefully examined the model more than 20 denim brands and found that the dimensions of the front pockets on women’s pants less on average than men. The flagship Apple phone will not fit in front pockets and half products Levi’s, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger and other popular brands created for ladies.

The authors of the study don’t blame Apple in the release neergonomichnyh smartphones. With mens jeans, no such problem, and therefore clothing manufacturers deliberately inconvenience their customers.

At the time, as iPhone X c work, but can be placed in 40% of the examined denim pants, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will fit in the front pockets only 20% of the models pants.

The scientists noted that in the front pockets 90% of women’s jeans have no place even for the palm of the mistress of the pants. They think it’s discriminary ladies and makes them to purchase additional items to carry necessary things. Due to the insufficient depth of the front pockets women often put smart phones in back pockets of jeans that increases the risk of accidentally drop, break or lose a gadget.


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