More than 200 scientists from 40 countries signed a petition to the UN and the world health organization on the need to strengthen control over wireless gadgets. According to experts, such devices can be dangerous to human health, and prolonged usage can lead to serious diseases.

According to the text of the petition, the scientists in the first place in fear of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields generated by wireless devices. According to experts, is currently unknown how it affects the human body. Especially for a long period of exposure.

Separately, experts said AirPods. According to them, at the moment, Apple wireless headphones are the most popular on the market. Therefore, you need to start with this model. In addition, the experts pointed out that due to the design features of AirPods have a negative impact on tissue in the ear canals. Therefore, users should not abuse the use of Apple wireless headphones.

It is worth noting that scientists do not call to completely abandon the use of wireless solutions. In the first place they want to study the impact of wireless technologies on human health and, if necessary, to develop new rules that will make them more secure.


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