Unmanned vehicles Apple turned out to be less independent than cars of competitors Waymo company Alphabet or Cruise Cars from General Motors, according to Bloomberg. This follows from the report about the UAV tests submitted by the manufacturer to the Department of motor vehicles California.

The drivers of the car Apple has to intervene in the management of approximately 1,77 km, while the Waymo can pass more than 17 000 km and Cruise — 8000 km.

On the third and fourth place were startups Zoox hired to work engineers from Apple, Google and Tesla motors (over 3000 km) and Nuro, which received funding in the amount of $940 million (more than 1500 km).

Automakers have it much worse. For example, drones Nissan could pass without driving control of only 210 km and the Mercedes is 1.5 km away.

The California Department of motor vehicles gives companies permission to use drones in the state and requires them to provide test reports. However, these data make conclusions difficult: other States that allow the use of unmanned vehicles of various degrees of autonomy, for example, Arizona and Florida, similar to reports from automakers require.

Despite the fact that the results of the “independence” of cars Apple disappointing, it is the drones did not get into a serious accident, while Uber Technologies Inc. stopped testing its drones after one of them killed a pedestrian in Arizona in March last year.

Apple has launched a development project car Project Titan in 2014. But apparently, in this area success is not enough. In 2016, the head of a secret project was Bob Mansfield, former senior Vice President for hardware development of the company’s products. In September, Apple has fired a few dozen developers of the project, and then abandoned the idea of building a car and have been developing artificial intelligence for drones. In 2017, Apple CEO Tim cook said that the company’s work on Autonomous systems is the “mother of all projects AI”. In 2018, the company has hired Doug field, former chief engineer of Tesla, to monitor the project.

At the end of January it was reported that the company reduced the staff of project Titan for 200 people, and the rest transferred to other projects. Apple itself has not made an official statement and did not confirm the rumors. According to Bloomberg, the project Apple until now employed about 1,200 people. The publication claims that within six months two members of the team were trying to steal trade secrets for Chinese companies working on similar technologies.

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