To sell the battered cell phone and not to sell too cheap — not an easy task. Let’s think together about how to relieve this puzzle. Let’s start with the fact that if you have a branded device for example, Apple or Samsung — it does not have to implement with it. It is much easier to return it to the store for the program

recycling, it is also a trade-in.

Bring the gadget to the store. Staff will assess his condition: ideally, the product must be free of visible mechanical damages, traces of contact with water, working with functional buttons, preferably with box and all accessories.

Depending on the device status and conditions, you are given a discount on the purchase of a new phone up to 70 percent. As an option — pays some amount which you can then spend on buying a new device.

When profitable exchange you do not Shine (a very old smartphone or even unhealthy), will have to go to pawnshop or the “glue” that is currently popular electronic ads. Placing them on “Avito” or “Julia” is a great way to get rid of old gadgets from the comfort of home.

But before that you need to know him an adequate price. On the Internet there are many so-called “cost calculators” whose task is to evaluate your device according to merit.

Here works the following formula: gadget this year, you will for half the price, last for 40 percent two years ago over 30 percent, and so on. Quite true, because if the price of the old gadget will not vary significantly with the cost of a new device, it is preferable to buy new.

All of this works provided that your smartphone is in perfect condition and configuration. For no box, original charger, receipt and warranty boldly throw off 5% from minimum prices. For the shabby-display-case — another 5-10 percent, depending on wear. The final price will be the harsh low, which the market is willing to take your old gadget.


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