In AppStore and Google Play found app Absher, which use citizens of Saudi Arabia to track their relatives. This was reported by The Washington Post.

Us Senator Ron Weiden (Ron Wyden) has asked Apple and Google to “immediately stop” the promotion of service Absher on their platforms. In the human rights organization Human Rights Watch believe that the service use the male citizens of Saudi Arabia for “the restriction of travel of Saudi women.”

According to human rights activists, the app helps “Patriarchal care” and discrimination against women in the state. “We urge Apple and Google to assess the risk of violations of the rights of women, which contributes to the application”, — said the representative of Amnesty International.

The interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia is using this application for collecting and processing data about citizens. With Absher Saudi citizens can obtain a passport or register their vehicle.

Apple CEO Tim cook in an interview with NPR said that nothing was heard about the case of Absher, but promised to investigate the situation.

According to the Google Play store, Absher has been installed on devices more than a million times.

In January it was reported that women from Saudi Arabia officially no longer need the permission of male guardians in matters related to the method of procreation. They will be able to choose between natural childbirth and caesarean section.

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