Operators have different non-standard idea.

Russian carriers want to require foreign Internet companies to pay for storage of their content in Russia by the “law of Spring”. Operators have even developed a special bill, which could require foreign companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook, to start paying from January 1, 2019. In case of refusal to foreign companies threaten sanctions — speed access to their sites in Russia.

The bill that developed the company “MegaFon” and “Rostelecom”, it is proposed to introduce the concept of “organizer of information dissemination in the Internet, a controlled foreign person”. Under this definition will be to get foreign companies whose data is stored on the servers of the Russian operators “the law of Spring”. All such companies will be obliged to pay compensation to operators for the storage of their content.

If the foreign company does not want to pay, access to their services in Russia will be limited. On full lock the question. Operators see as the sanctions reducing the speed of access of Russian users to the resources of the companies. In other words, if sanctions are to be applied, then the Russians will be overhead to use popular Apple services, Google, Facebook and other companies because of the speed limits.

Now the operators complete the bill. The plans of the service provider is the final wording of the requirements which will support all leading Russian operators. Then the bill will give to the government.

Source: reuters.


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