Very soon Apple will introduce to the public three new iPhone models. If you plan to upgrade your smartphone in the near future, then surely you faced a difficult choice — to buy iPhone X here and now, or to wait for one of the new products and buy it. Let’s see what will happen for the consumer is most advantageous.

Actually, the simple answer to this question is no, so consider all scenarios.

Reasons to hire iPhone X right now:

  • The price tag on this model has dropped significantly since the release. On Yandex.Market you can find a version with 64 GB for 63.000-65.000 rubles.
  • This smartphone will be relevant for at least a few years. The power reserve is very impressive. Even after all this time, the top Android flagships are not able to compete with processors, Apple A11.
  • The new products will be absolutely the same design as iPhone X. the Effect of novelty is not lost after the show new smartphones.

Reasons to wait and buy one of the iPhone models (2018):

  • It is obvious that a new line of iPhone will provide the consumer greater scope for choice of device. Expected three devices, each of which takes its place in a niche. For those who need a IPS screen instead of OLED, “budget” iPhone. If you need a large display like iPhone X Plus.
  • There are preconditions to what will be presented to the Face ID of the second generation, which will undoubtedly improve the process of recognition.
  • The new products will debut the processor Apple A12 with improved power consumption and performance.
  • Of course, the camera devices also undergo changes for the better.

However, the controversial point is the price — despite the fact that the official cost of the new models will be lower, it is likely that the Russian user the cost is almost unchanged. Blame the strong Euro for which Apple sets the prices of their devices in Russia. Let’s count together:

The Euro exchange rate on 12 Sep 2017 — 68,64. The iPhone X — €999 — 68 571 rubles. Including VAT 18% were installed the recommended price 79990 rubles.

The Euro exchange rate at the time of this writing, August 23, 2018 — of 79.00.

“Affordable” iPhone is €699 — 55221 rubles. VAT 18% — you can expect a cost in the region of 65-67 thousand.

iPhone X (2018) — €899 — 71021 rubles. VAT the price will increase to 83 to 85 thousand.

iPhone X Plus— €999-€1099 — 78921 — 86821 rubles. With VAT the cost of this model can overstep the mark in 100 thousand or more.

Are you ready to buy new at that price? Let me know in the comments.


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