Various protective covers for transportation of the MacBook are a little less popular than cases for smartphones. However, many manufacturers quite actively produce such accessories. And in some cases they are about to create covers for MacBook with a fair amount of imagination.

For example, some time ago, the company SINEX created a versatile case for notebooks, which can not only protect your device during transport, but also to serve as a convenient stand.

Externally, the cover SINEX is a kind of “envelope” of water-repellent artificial leather. However, unlike most of these accessories on a rear side within a small area can quickly turn into a stand for the laptop. Users can choose one of two available provisions.

The choice of the user are available in two sizes case (for 13 inch and 15.6 inch laptops) and four color options. Prices on accessory be 39 and $ 44 depending on size. To order case study on the official website of the manufacturer. However, SINEX promised to start sending in may. Recently, the manufacturer finished the campaign on Kicstarter and is now busy mailing already collected orders.


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