In the new space of the theatre of Nations 4 April will be the premiere of one-man “Sinister valley.” The author of the project — German Director Stefan Size of the German-Swiss group Rimini Protokoll, the most advanced team in the field of documentary theatre. Tell what it is and why the show is worth a look for everyone.

What lies at the heart of the play? The Director of the play Stephen the Size had based for two stories. First, the book of the German writer Thomas Melle “World behind my back”, where the author describes how he was excruciatingly painful to live with bipolar disorder and how literature helped to overcome the disease. And secondly, the story of Alan Turing, researchers of artificial intelligence. He tragically committed suicide because of his homosexuality and forcibly treated. Turing broke down and in the end took a bite out of the Apple with poison. By the way, the symbol of his death, according to one version, became the logo of Apple.

What feature of the “uncanny valley”? In the game of one actor, or rather the Android. German writer Thomas Melle talks about the problems emotional instability and depression. But really it’s a robot-copy of the modern playwright. His appearance, clothes, voice, gestures and facial expressions — all Melle. Only issue is the hole in the back of the head, from which protrude wires and storage of information, and every movement will inevitably be mechanical creaking.

What is the play? About human dualism, artificial intelligence, interaction of machines and people. In the end, the participants play-games themselves are experimenting on themselves: their task is to feel, to empathize if they the robot, and to understand how people can be deceived by empathy to the mechanisms. So the idea — like a game, and the robot on stage — double game in the theater and attempt to show that the line between Android and human began to fade.

Video: YouTube/The Theatre Of Nations

Why the setting is called “Sinister valley”? The human perception of the Android dual: on the one hand, people are easier to perceive a reflection of ourselves, and with another — a similar resemblance to the “inanimate” causes mistrust, discomfort, and sometimes even rejection. A similar effect Japanese developers called “uncanny valley”. But this is precisely the point of the play: the audience should be creepy from the naturalistic story of the car that shows empathy.

How’s it going? Of seats only 80, and General admission is free. The audience are close enough to the robot that is extremely important: the intimacy necessary for full immersion. It looks like this: on the stage sits the top with the appearance of millet, and standing next to a glass of water. Robot-mill in the beginning of the play waits until everything is going, and then starts the lecture-performance. Formulation adapted for Russia: the robot speaks English, but all spectators are given the equipment with headphones where is Russian translation. And the voice of women.

German production fell in Russia? Tried the production company “Impresario”.

Fedor Elyutin, the founder of the “Impresario”:

“Sinister valley” is the ninth play, which we brought to Russia from abroad. I am very interested in the topic of robots, because we are all surrounded by them. For example, several years ago there was no car sharing. Now you get in the car from “Yandex”, and she tells you: “Hello, Fyodor”. Generally people are bound to connect with technology. Today is a phone in the hand, for example, I spend about a screen five or six hours, but then — deeper, technology is imbued in our body. Everything will be digitized. All the knowledge and data will be open, and therefore will lose its value: people are less and less will to use it. I wonder what will happen next, and “Sinister valley” makes you think about it.

Even now many of us are cyborgs. Explain why. For example, scientists have come up with for the disabled device, with which he can walk. Then this idea goes further. Ordinary people, too, because his legs are tired. At some point I think: “Damn, we don’t want to,” begin to use a device that was invented to help sick people. And after each of them becomes a living cyborg Superman. And so in all. After 25 years, any situation that today seems impossible will become real. Intimidating when mankind develops with the speed of the planet. Yesterday Elon Musk has launched space Shuttle to the ISS, that is, did the private company. That is, everything is possible: it is both cool and scary.”

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