Quickly iPhone? Check Out Siri.

If you notice that your iPhone is running iOS 12 is rapidly discharged, the problem may be that Siri. The voice assistant can literally “eat” the charge, even at night when the iPhone is at rest. Told about how to determine if Siri is having a negative impact on your iPhone and how you can solve the problem.

Siri iPhone iOS drains 12 — how to know

In order to see whether discharges Siri your iPhone, you need to go to the menu “Settings” → “Battery” and read the statistics. In that case, if Siri is in the “leaders” on battery consumption — a problem exists.

The screenshot above is an example of how Siri per night ate more than 35% battery iPhone. The assistant just took the charge iPhone in the background for some strange reason.

Solution: if you don’t use Siri

If you do not use Siri, then the solution is obvious — turn off. Go to menu “Settings” → Siri and disable the option “Call up Siri with the Home button“.

Solution: if you use Siri

There is a solution for those who use Siri. You must disable Siri to do a reboot of the iPhone, and then re-enable Siri. To enable and disable Siri, go to “Settings” → Siri using switch “Challenge Siri with the Home button“. After this simple operation, Siri needs to stop wasting power of your iPhone.


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