One of the problems of modern voice assistants is that they cannot distinguish between users. This can lead to undesirable consequences. For example, using voice assistant, strangers can access your personal information. However, Apple plans to solve this problem, teach Siri to recognize the voices of different people.

Recently it became known that the cupertinos have registered for a patent, which describes a special system of identification of user profiles based on biometric data. In particular, the voice. According to reports, Siri will remember the individual expression and to trace the stylistic features of human speech. But along with this voice assistant will also pay attention to what exactly the applications and services most often starts one or the other user. All this should help the voice assistant to distinguish one person from another.

After the identification of the user, Siri can not only adjust their answers to questions, but also provide access to some other functions. For example, it can open photos taken by a specific user. It is especially useful if one device will support multiple profiles and will allow you to connect multiple Apple ID.

It should be noted that this is not the first such patent registered by Apple. A few years ago cupertinos expanded its patent portfolio, a document which described the system that can help Siri identify the users voice. But, alas, nothing of the sort has not yet been implemented.


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