In the Network about this strange behavior today Siri has written many publications. Now to the questions about trump (e.g., “How old is Donald Trump?”) voice assistant Apple gives a picture of the American President from the Wikipedia page, but earlier, as is clear from the material to The Verge, gave the image of the male sexual organ.

The portal suggested that this may be due to the fact that someone edits a page of Wikipedia or changes the algorithms used Siri to search for suitable images. Earlier, a similar problem with voice assistant Apple has already arisen: so, for example, any time Siri “thought” that the Bulgarian national anthem is a song of Louis Fancy and daddy Yankee called Despacito.

In the message portal by The Verge editor Wikipedia confirmed that this “bug” Siri has been associated with the activities of Internet vandals who network encyclopedia. “They were blocked indefinitely,” — said the editor.

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