Apple developers greatly improved Siri.

Apple continues to “silently” upgrade voice assistant Siri, improving its capabilities even without running a full update. According to a new study analysts Loup Ventures, Siri copes with user requests at 78.5% of cases. Just three months ago, Siri was able to answer correctly only by 66.1% of requests.

Experts Loup Ventures has tested all popular voice assistants to determine the “smartest”. They asked Siri, Alexa, Google and Cortana Assistant for 800 of the same questions and collected the statistics of the correct answers.

It turned out that the “smart” voice assistant is Google Assistant. Brand assistant Google managed to answer correctly on 85.5% of the questions. In second place is Siri with the figure of 78.5% of correct answers. Followed Alexa and Cortana from 61.4% and 52.4% of correct answers respectively.

Compared to the same test three months ago all voice assistants have improved their results. However, Siri has shown the greatest growth, thereby ceased to be the silly assistant.

The study also showed that voice assistants “learned” almost perfect to determine the queries. Google Assistant, the figure is highest at 100%, Siri is 99%, and Cortana, and Alexa at 98%.

In iOS 12, the final version which will be released in September (exact forecast), iPhone and iPad users will be many new features associated with Siri. IOS 12 will be added the function “Labels Siri”, which will allow you to create different personal team. For example, a user can create a command “Show sports”, which Siri will open it favorite sports app in the section latest news.

Source: LV.


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