Apple took over Siri.

Apple intends to update powerful voice assistant Siri. The new head of the division of Apple on artificial intelligence and machine learning John Giannandrea actively set to work by performing the first acquisition. On the recommendation of an experienced specialist, Apple acquired Pullstring ambitious startup that develops interactive apps with voice assistants.

Staff Pullstring to join the team, Giannandrea and will work on expanding the possibilities of voice assistant Siri. What exactly they will do is unknown. Given their specialization, they will require the creation of new and unique applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch with Siri support and the new voice commands, consider third-party experts.

The amount of the transaction between Apple and the Pullstring is not disclosed. According to research firm PitchBook, the absorption cost Apple relatively inexpensive — in the neighborhood of $160 million.

Previously, Apple has appointed John Giannandrea, head of the development team Siri is Stasior bill, who had held the position since 2012. Giannandrea, once said that Apple needs to completely change the course of development of Siri and focus on major improvements to the voice assistant, which will help to catch up with Amazon by Alexa and Google Assistant.

In this regard, expect major updates in iOS 13 not worth it. Most likely, the big innovation, Siri comes with iOS 14, which will be released in 2020.

Source: axios.


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