Smart speakers, such as HomePod, is responsible for the control system for smart home using an appeal to the voice assistant. This can be a problem due to the fact that several people are sharing one profile.

Company Apple filed in the patent and trademark office, which describes the recognition algorithm of the user to process voice commands.

Based on the patent called “Voice print”, Siri will be able to remember multiple users and define them during query processing.

Because of this, the voice assistant will be able to provide specific data, such as events in the calendar, depending on the traded. It will also improve confidentiality – Siri will no longer share personal information with other users. The system will create a library for each profile based on the voice used applications.

Multiplayer mode Siri – the next step in the development of artificial intelligence, but at the moment it’s just a patent application. The idea Apple may be realized or remain on paper only time will tell.



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