That’s why it is better not to disable Siri.

Voice assistant Siri saved another human life. This time Siri was rescued from a really desperate situation American Nate Felix, who was paralyzed in the accident in the middle of the desert of Nevada. In distress iPhone called virtual assistant command – “Hey Siri” and contacted the rescue service who managed to arrive at the scene of the accident.

American Nate Felix rolled over in his jeep in the middle of the desert and hopelessly stuck in the car. He almost couldn’t move. As after was declared by the doctors, he broke two vertebrae, causing his body paralyzed by 80%. The situation was aggravated by the fact that he was not on the road, therefore the chances of meeting a passing car was minimal.

Fortunately, his iPhone was enabled “Hey Siri”. Though in distress iPhone user and didn’t know where exactly is his smartphone, he was able to summon Siri. He first attempted to call using Siri their relatives, but due to a weak cellular signal, none of the calls failed. The only challenge he managed to implement was the call in service of rescue.

Arrived at the place of accident rescuers managed to extricate the victim from the jeep and delivered it to the hospital by helicopter. After just four days, Felix was discharged from the hospital, but he has to move about in a wheelchair. According to him, Siri really saved his life, as if it hadn’t made a call in service of rescue, he would have remained in the middle of the desert alone.

Source: news3lv.


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