Microsoft is changing lives for the better.

Messenger Skype has got the support of the function “live” captions and subtitles. Now messenger can convert speech to text on the fly with simultaneous demonstration of translated phrases at the bottom of the screen. This feature improves the speech perception of users of Skype from different countries, and allows to facilitate the communication process for the deaf and hard of hearing users.

As stressed by Microsoft, decoding the words as possible speaking the same language and simultaneous translation into other languages. All feature live captions and subtitles Skype supports 20 languages and dialects.

A revolutionary new feature works in both individual and group calls and during conversations by phone number. In order to test the “live” captions and subtitles, you need to install the latest version of Skype messenger.

The release of the revolutionary “chips” for Skype, Microsoft was dedicated to the International day of persons with disabilities, celebrated annually on 3 December. The “live” captions, and subtitles based on artificial intelligence technology.

In PowerPoint the same functionality will be available in January 2019. In the future, stated the stream of speech in PowerPoint in 10 languages, and display “live” captions and subtitles — in 60 languages.

Source: Microsoft


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