Blogger and leading YouTube channel Strange Parts Scottie Allen started the experiment and turned the iPhone 7 in a device that supports wireless charging.

Allen has published a 39-minute video, which describes in detail how to disassemble the smartphone and what to do. He urged followers not to repeat what he saw on the only or primary device.

All need to re-equip items blogger found in the electronics market in the area Huacana in Chinese Shenzhen. This is not the first case when Scottie remakes smartphones Apple. Prior to that, he was able to collect the iPhone and turned the other broken gadget into a USB hub.

First, Allen doubted the success of the venture, but then he meets a seller that sells conversion kits for purebred charges. In the end, the blogger was able to collect the iPhone 7 that support Qi standard.

To buy the same kits at the link in the video description. One kit costs $ 70 and is only suitable for the iPhone 7. However, he notes that this offer is valid only for true adventurers, willing to risk. It does not guarantee that the device will keep working after the introduction of additional elements, and does not assume any responsibility.


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