As representatives of “Yandex”, the company is now working on creating its own smart home based on the recently released speaker “Yandex.The station”.

According to Konstantin Kruglov – Director, experimental products – it will appear very soon. The firm is already negotiating with various sellers of smart technology, for example, with the manufacturer of the security system “Gulf stream”.

But the management of “Yandex” decided to develop a smart home a little bit differently.

Your way

Now anyone can buy intelligent light bulbs, sockets, air conditioners and other equipment and to manage them separately. To combine it all together, people are buying smart speakers, like Apple HomePod, and manage the equipment by using commands.

“Yandex”, in turn, offers users first purchase the “Yandex.Station”, and then to buy other necessary gadgets. Apparently, no speakers anything will not work.


Sales of the device started yesterday, the tenth of July, and “Yandex.Station” created an extraordinary stir. For one day users completely sold out the first batch of speakers and forced Yandex to open a pre-order.

Now everyone can go to the “Yandex.Market” or marketplace “I do” to pay for “Yandex.Station” and to expect new supplies. The number of available devices is not disclosed.


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