Analytical company IDC has summed up the results of the international smartphone market for the first quarter of 2019. In this period, the vendors sold all together 310,8 million smartphones, which is 6.6% less than the results of last year.

Interestingly, of the six leaders the exports have increased only from Huawei and Vivo, located on the second and fifth places by as much as 50.3 per cent and 24 per cent respectively. Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo sales slowed markedly. Oppo and Vivo are divided between the fifth place for shipments of smartphones in the world.

A leader with a huge gap remains Samsung. She sold for the quarter 71.9 million smartphones and holds a market share of 23.1%, but the volume of deliveries it decreased by 8.1%. Huawei in second place sold 59.1 million smartphones and holds a 19% share of sales has increased by 50.3%. Then comes Apple with 36.4 million and 11.7%, shipments fell by 30.2%. Last year in the first quarter, Apple ranked second and Huawei third.

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