PJSC “VympelCom” (Beeline brand) is the growing popularity of smartphones purchased using a loan products. The number of devices purchased on credit and installment in stores Beeline in the third quarter of 2018 rose three and a half times compared to last year.

The proportion sold on credit smartphones in the third quarter of 2018 grew by 7% compared to the same figure for July, August and September 2017. The share of installments in the loans increased from 69% to 80%.

Commented on Yuri Smagorinski, Executive Vice President, sales and client service Beeline: “We have formed a comfortable and clear conditions for the purchase of devices in a Beeline with the help of credit offers. The most popular models you can buy with no down payment and overpayments. This has affected the growing popularity of credit products”.

The most common price of the device, which is purchased with the installment payment — 28 000 rubles In installments available to any device, including accessories, from 2 000 rubles. Often with the help of credit products customers buy smart phones of the following brands:

∙ Samsung

∙ Huawei

∙ Apple

∙ Honor

∙ Nokia

The most popular models for purchases on credit are:

∙ Huawei Smart P

∙ Huawei P 20 lite

∙ Honor 7A,

∙ iPhone 6,

∙ Honor 7C
In 2018, the Beeline has doubled the number of stores. December 2018 the company has more than 3,000 of its own stores. Due to the increase in retail network and easy terms of purchase on credit increased the number of sales of smartphones. So in the second quarter of this year the number of sold LTE smartphones in stores Beeline has grown 2.7 times in comparison with the same period a year earlier.

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