Trading platform AliExpress and Tmall controlled by her called the most popular queries from the Russians in 2018. Most buyers were interested in smartphone brands, Xiaomi, Huawei and Apple. During the year users have left more than 10 million requests for this tag. The top 10 also included headphones, watches, backpacks and swimwear, RBC. The Russians several times this year compared to last has increased the search of products of famous brands. For example, products of Bosch are searched seven times more products from Samsung — almost eight times.

In the network is associated with the growth of purchasing power and the reduced time of delivery from China. In summer, the Tmall launched a free shipping day for buyers from Moscow, and in September the “Mail of Russia” opened a new route from China, which twice reduced the time of shipment to the Urals, Siberia and the far East.

One of the most popular items on AliExpress previously considered cases for phones, this year they gave way to papakata — holders, which are mounted on the rear panel of the smartphone and facilitate interaction with the device. It is noted that during the year the demand for Popsicle increased 30 times. However, in 2018, the most popular still remain cases for iPhone 5s, but they are looking for three times less than in 2017.

Another discovery of the year was the launch of Russian stores on the Tmall platform: as of mid-November, the marketplace was was about 100 sellers from Russia. The most popular Russian brands Befree, MODIS and Lucky Child.

In October 2018, the head of AliExpress in Russia, Liu Wei in an interview with RBC revealed the number of buyers on AliExpress from Russia — buy here do, he said, about 20 million people.

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