Conference of developers Google I/O was held may 7 — the day after a similar event Microsoft Build. And if the developer of Windows has focused on promising developments and products focused on industry professionals, the search giant has introduced a number of user services and devices. Among them is a new mobile operating system Android Q a budget smartphones Pixel 3a and 3a XL and smart frame Nest and Nest Hub Hub Max — competitors from Amazon and Apple.

Almost all of the announcements from Microsoft may 6 concerned the cloud services, developer products and projects designed for the not yet built a technological infrastructure. The only noticeable changes for users are the Edge browser on a new engine Chromium with support for Mac OS.

The main revenue driver for Microsoft now — the “cloud”, this direction has allowed the Corporation last week for the first time to reach a capitalization of $1 trillion. Software for PCs and other devices as a Foundation business is going away — the more interesting reverse Google traffic. The company, which initially focused on search and other online services, every year pays more and more attention and resources devices and software for users.

To turn off “Big brother”

According to Google, running Android already runs 250 billion devices around the world. Android Q less intensive version of the OS designed for the device of medium performance. It is to this category includes new items of Pixel 3a and 3a XL.

Pixel 3a has a display of 5.6-inch diagonal (2220×1080 points), 3a XL — 6 inch (2160×1080 points). XL also have a slightly more powerful battery (3700 mA.h vs 3000 3a), but the model is $80 more — $479 compared to $399. The rest of the smartphones have the same characteristics. The screen is made by modern technology OLED, camera — 12 MP, front — 8-megapixel. Devices are not under the control of the performance processor of Snapdragon 670 production Qualcomm. But Google promises that the images will be quality even in the dark due to software processing. Traditionally, the company does not seek to occupy a significant share in the smartphone market, but it shows manufacturers the capabilities of its OS.

The “smart” framework Nest and Nest Hub Hub Max (with camera) the Russian market is not promised. Devices support many of the features inherent in smartphones: voice assistant, to watch the video and stream from surveillance cameras. On Nest Hub Max has a button to switch the camera off — on privacy now can’t afford to forget even the tech giants.

Voice as the new oil

Many areas of work Google was mentioned at I/O twice: first to show how the company is working on them in General, then, the specific solutions implemented in the operating system. For example, augmented reality (AR) allows you to see the familiar icons of Google Maps right on the screen, removing the surrounding streets, and the voice translation “on the fly” will facilitate communication with foreigners. Google is now also able to recognize the speech of people with defects and the gestures of deaf-mutes. Another new feature in Android will be a Live Caption — online-the transformation of text to voice. It is familiar to users of YouTube, now you can get titles and other applications (not necessarily development of Google).

The battle for the best technology of voice recognition and translation on the fly (similar developments and Microsoft showed at Build 2019) is due not only to focus on the user, but also the corporations search for new sources of income. While the major share of the revenue Google generates is in search results, but the proliferation of voice assistants can form a new entry point to a wide audience in a network — in this case, the audio technology will be useful for the monetization of new custom models.

In the new operating system Google has also added support for 5G cellular networks and devices with folding screens. And artificial intelligence algorithms that help identify it, work with texts. Now in messenger Android will recognize the meaning of the text and likely to offer a continuation. Mode Focus Mode will let you concentrate on work — it disables notifications from social networks, instant messengers and other applications.

The fight against cancer and floods

One of the main themes of the conference, Google was the security control. The company said that tests 50 million apps on the absence of “bookmarks” from hackers. Gartner has praised the new Android as safe as possible from existing systems, said the representative of the developer.

Google and Microsoft and a substantial part of the conference was devoted to projects with an eye to the future. So, Microsoft unveiled a code of tools for the language Q# which allows you to program quantum computers. And Google talked about the application of artificial intelligence in medicine and social projects: for example, technology will help in the diagnosis of cancer foci and predicting inundation due to flooding.

Investors were not impressed with the announcements Google — a large part of the novelties was predicted by the media. Stock Alphabet (parent company Google) during I/O fell by less than 1%, but later played the fall and returned to the level of $1176 per share.

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