Although it seemed much more expensive?

In the coming years around the world will begin to unfold publicly available 5G network, which will allow you to access the Internet at very high speed. Leading manufacturers are actively preparing to launch smartphones with support for 5G. However, smartphones with the use of fifth generation networks will be a serious disadvantage — increased cost.

According to insiders of the resource Fudzilla, the users must prepare for the increase in the price of smartphones with support for 5G. Even Chinese manufacturers will raise the cost of their phones with 5G modems, and raise serious.

Thus, the company Xiaomi plans to release an updated version of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G at a price of $620. That’s $100 more than the cost of a normal smartphone. The same mark is planning to do and the company OnePlus. She is preparing an improved version of the flagship OnePlus 6T with 5G modem for $650.

Experts believe that, initially, the cost of smartphones with support for 5G any manufacturer will be higher than that of conventional models. I will keep it up until the 5G standard will not become habitual. In addition, manufacturers of modems, in particular Intel and Qualcomm, we should expect 5G cheap chips that will be used in budget smartphones.

This background may stand Apple. According to the latest rumors, Apple is working on creating its own 5G modem, which will be equipped with iPhone sample 2020. Since Apple don’t have to buy modems from other manufacturers, the company will be able to minimize costs and to introduce iPhone with support for 5G at the regular price.

Source: FZ.


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