As the press service of the company Apple, of the bugs out of its products that are fixed. It affected smartphones and other mobile devices. The statement says the company “releases iOS 12.0.1 for iPhone and iPad. This is the first update of bug fixes for iOS and iPhone 12 XS since their release in September. Apple details five problems with iOS 12, which was resolved in iOS 12.0.1 in accordance with the release notes”. Earlier it was said that the new handsets worse charged. Now these bugs are fixed, and the phones will be charged as soon as they connect to the power source. The developers have also fixed a problem that occurred as a result of errors in the frequency on which to function these devices.

Now they will have to work better Bluetooth, and will be noticeable improvements. Button display punctuation “. ?123” back on the Ipad. The new device was also fixed the subtitle option when watching a video. Get the new update, users began from the evening of 8 October.

Previously”FederalPress” reported on some of the smartphones most want to get rid of in Russia.

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