Russians are attracted to cheap Chinese smartphones.

Research company IDC has published statistics on sales of smartphones in Russia in 2018. According to the published data, the Chinese company Huawei and its Honor brand has managed to surpass Apple in number of smartphones sold, Xiaomi is very close to the iPhone maker.

The leader of the Russian smartphone market in 2018 remained Samsung. The share of smartphones South Korean manufacturer was 26%, which is 1% higher than in 2017. In the second place, Huawei and its Honor sub-brand with a share of 21%.

Apple for the first time in many years, has been displaced into third place in the ranking of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in Russia. The share of iPhone accounted for 16 percent, in 2017. In fourth place is another Chinese company Xiaomi, which is very close to Apple with 14% share of all sold in Russia smartphones.

For comparison, in 2017 the share of Huawei and its Honor sub-brand accounted for 11%. Figure Xiaomi was even lower — 8%. The IDC stressed that during the year the Chinese smartphone manufacturers have become much more popular among Russians.

The statistics of smartphone sales in Russia in 2018 shows that the market is actually divided between the four manufacturers. If in 2017 the share of the producers from the category “other” accounted for 24%, while in 2018 it is just 9%. In the category “other” includes including well-known manufacturers, including LG, Philips and Sony.

Source: IDC.


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