This also applies to the Instagram service.

Company Facebook introduced improvements to security in the same social network, as well as to its affiliated services Instagram and Facebook Messenger. This was reported by broadcaster CNBC.

According to her, in Facebook will appear in the public section, which will be published monthly standards regarding what is permitted and forbidden to be published to users of the social network. There will also provide explanations in case of any changes in company policy.

In the Instagram will be updated with the algorithm of selection of publications. So, in the news feed will no longer receive the news with inappropriate content, even if formally they do not violate policies of the social network. It clarifies the channel, it is, for example, pictures and videos with sexual overtones.

In app messaging Facebook Messenger will be a special icon for “verified account”, which will feature “scams or people posing as someone else.” Besides, the user can access advanced options for blocking and control over who can send them messages.

Meanwhile, the social network Instagram and Facebook announced new ways for efficient use of time users, according to a press release from Instagram, was published on the official website of the application.

“Today we announce the launch of new mechanisms that will help the users of Instagram and Facebook to correctly allocate their time. This is the control panel activity, daily reminder, but also a new way to restrict the flow of notifications”, — stated in the text. As noted, the arrangements were developed with the participation of experts-psychologists, as well as on the basis of research Instagram and Facebook and feedback from their users. Meanwhile, to find information about a particular person from the social networks will help service

In order to use innovations necessary to open the settings panel in any of the applications. In Instagram, users must click on the tab “Your activity” and Facebook — “on Facebook”, which will show the time spent in social networks per day. Below the icon you can set daily “reminder” that will inform about exceeding the limit set by the user on the app per day. Also will be a function of the suspend push notifications for a certain period of time.

App for posting photos and videos Instagram was launched in October 2010 and was originally intended only for mobile devices from Apple. In April 2012 the service became available to users of the Android platform. Then the company Facebook, which owns the eponymous social network, bought Instagram for $1 billion

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