One Tap BUY, the brokerage division of the Japanese SoftBank, plans to allow residents to participate in the IPO with the amount from 1,000 yen (a little less than $10). The company plans to launch this service in March 2020 after receiving permission from the authorities of Japan, writes Bloomberg.

This is the first time where investors can submit applications to participate in the IPO, putting the amount of money, but not the volume of paperwork that you want to buy, told Bloomberg the Executive Director of the One Tap BUY Masaaki Uchiyama.

“When you buy food or gas up the car easier to specify the amount of money you want to spend, than the volume of product, said Uchiyama Agency. The only thing investors want to know how much money they will earn with the investment of $10”.

In the market of financial services SoftBank competes with companies Line Corp. and Rakuten, says Bloomberg. Line this week launched the online brokerage service together with Japan’s largest Bank Nomura Holdings and Rakuten last month announced that it will start issuing cards and loans in the United States. This is an attempt to attract more young and affluent investors, the Agency said.

Itself One Tap BUY is going to spend IPO in the next 3-5 years, told Bloomberg Uchiyama. By March 2020, the company plans to obtain from investors 3 billion yen (about $28 million) on expansion. In addition, the Executive Director said: “as long as we remain as a branch of SoftBank, we will always be striving to become a unicorn”.

In Russia, the Central Bank wants to restrict access to non-professional investors to certain financial instruments the law on the categories of investors prepared for the second reading in the state Duma. Adopted in the first reading the document, in particular, allows people with less than 400,000 rubles to purchase Russian brokers only the low-risk investment instruments — are securities from the quotation lists of the first and second level, with the exception of commercial bonds and the shares of investment funds, foreign currency and precious metals.

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