Bank losses are estimated in millions roubles.

The company NCR, which manufactures ATMs, tracked large-scale stuffing of counterfeit banknotes of 5 thousand rubles in August 2018. NCR has advised that banks temporarily to limit the admission of five thousandth bills. Russian banks have listened to the recommendations, resulting in some ATMs no longer accept bills in denominations of 5 thousand.

In NCR believe that attackers used the vulnerability of ATMs with the authentication systems of the old model. In August, the crooks have carried out a large-scale stuffing of counterfeit banknotes. According to experts, the losses for each victim of the Bank amounted to several million rubles.

NCR promptly warned of the existing threat. Banks have restricted the reception of five-thousandth notes in ATMs vulnerable. The number of such ATMs vary from Bank to Bank. “Alfa-Bank” announced that five-thousandth banknotes ceased to be only 18 ATMs. In the Moscow credit Bank said that the proportion of vulnerable ATMs less than 5%.

At the same time, many banks, including the “Alfa-Bank” OTKRITIE and VTB said that their ATM is not seen stuffing counterfeit bills. Representatives of “Sberbank” has not commented on the situation.

Source: Statements.


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